Daily Reading: Philippians 4 vs. 1-9
“Rejoice in the Lord alway; and again I say, Rejoice.” vs. 4

Wow, welcome to this wonderful month of Jubilee. This month of July is going to be a very special month for you. It is your time of joy and rejoicing.

Jubilee stands for celebration, a time, season or occasion of rejoicing or festivity as a result of something good happening around one’s life. This is the month you are going to rejoice in God.
It may be that some unpleasant things might have been happening around you and there seems to be no reason for joy or rejoicing. In fact, it may be that you’ve been watching others testifying and rejoicing about the goodness of God in their lives and families. To you, life is so unfair to you. It could be that you have been questioning why your situation is taking time to change as if you are the worst sinner or offender. It could as well be that your patience is running out and you feel forgotten and forsaken by both Heaven and earth. The good news coming from this devotional is that July will not be forgotten in a hurry. You must definitely rejoice.

God has given us this seventh month as our month of rejoicing and Jubilee. God is going to turn so many things around for good. As you experience these good tidings, you cannot but see yourself rejoicing and dancing. I decree unto you that you must rejoice this month and will have every cause to celebrate. If you believe it say a big Amen.
Stand upon Mark 9 vs. 23 that says that All things are possible to him that believe. Begin to prophesy to July and say, “July, you must Favour me, I must rejoice and celebrate in this month, good news will come my way, glorious things shall be spoken of me, it is my season, I am next in line for a miracle, God has said it and so shall it be.”

Prayer: My caring Father, thank you for making this month my celebration month, I will surely rejoice in it. It shall be my time of Jubilee.
Further Reading: Ecclesiastes. 3 vs. 1-15

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